History in the making

This is what we do, photograph real people, using real & bold colors, creating traditional pieces with a timeless element and a new modern flair that takes things over the top. 


When you start a conversation with...
So I used to photograph Bricks..

I'm Kristin -
Bricks photography FOUNDER + Head Chick in Charge

People normally respond back with a sideways glance and a "really", but yes, yes I did. 

My first commercial project was photographing types of "bricks" for Washington State’s Historic Preservation and for 150 century-old farm sites. Then it was onto the Historic Oregon Bridge Project - fast forward 26 years, honored me with capturing over 300 weddings, moving 1500 miles on the adventure of a lifetime, a husband who supports the wackiest of ideas, and children who tell people mommy takes pictures of people getting married and sometimes half dressed ladies, but I would not change a thing.  For every roadblock a new challenge opened, for every tear a new joy, owning a business is journey that is also about the people who join you to provide our clients with the best service we have the best full service team. Whether you are a client, friend or a fellow photographer in the business, the ultimate goal is that your event, session or experience is perfect.

Thank you for thinking of us for your next adventure,

Seven Random things


Mondays are for triple shot white mochas
Tuesday's you never say no to tacos
On Wednesday's we wear pink
Thursday's  are  the new hump day
Friday's  are pizza nights
Saturdays we shoot weddings
Sunday we don't do shit

This past year our company has faced challenges unlike any other. Half of our team, my husband Chris, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. When we received the diagnosis in August of 2021, life seemed to stop for us. While we continued working with our existing clients, we failed any potential clients with our lack of  communication or in some cases not returning emails for weeks. I own this, it is not how we do business. I have never felt like I failed  more than I have during this period. But neither Chris or I will relinquish the amazing company we have built together. I want to apologize to anyone who was affected by our lapse in service., and ensure you we have backup and contingency plans in place for whatever situation gets thrown at us in the future.  As for Chris, he lives every day like he is dying  (we have that humor) but the doctors are stunned at his progress. When he was diagnosed a year ago he was given less than 5% chance of making it to Christmas,. But by the grace of God and the miracles of science, he is stable and he has more good days than bad.  We do not know what the future holds for him, as we were told, he is running on his timeline, and we are forever grateful for the time we have together. 

All our love and thanks, 
Kristin and Chris Heismeyer


A note from Kristin 
august 1, 2022

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