One is the brains one is the brawn – both have a passion for telling your story 

Kristin and Chris Heismeyer

I'm the type of person you may never see - quiet, getting the job done with my internal self confidence, massive attention to detail and creative flow that seems odd until the finished product is reviled.  I enjoy self-checkout lanes, and being is sales would never be a career path I would take. My idea of photography before Kristin was shooting landscapes and waterfowl. I'm trading that talent in for videography of your wedding day - I'm pretty excited about that! 

grounding introvert | hunter of ducks


I am a true extrovert, a bizarrely happy person and believe that while things happen for a reason, life is also what you make it. I laugh at my own jokes, have no idea what my actual hair color is, and am obsessed with old houses, bricks and architecture. I met my partner in crime online playing war games - closet game nerd - and moved 1500 miles to be with him. Best move ever - We now get to do what we love together, life doesn't get better than that. 

wonderfully weird | lover of cake


Family is so important to us.