Kristin and Chris Heismeyer

I am a true extrovert, a bizarrely happy person and believe that while things happen for a reason, life is also what you make it. I have a mild obsession with memories and experiences, not wanting to forget the good, the bad or the ugly. Memories help shape us into who we are, and those outcomes can lead us right where we need to be. I survived a car accident that left my body broken, but not my spirit, a stroke that left me an epileptic but alive, and have known a love so fierce that every hurdle and mile was worth the journey.   

 I had given up photography when I moved to South Dakota from Washington in 2010, I knew noone, the fear of starting over was far too great at the time. But the wedding image above is ALL we have from our wedding. We had a photographer booked but they didn't make it. At the end of the day we were married, but I/we also vowed that this wouldn't that happen to another bride and my Washington business became South Dakota strong. (Well it took several years, a few tears, one fantastic husband but you now know my why). 

 So here I am, sharing my love of memories, being able to photograph your love and special occasions, while meeting the most amazing people. I still laugh at my own jokes, have no idea what my actual hair color is, and am obsessed with old houses, bricks and architecture, (the root of my business name). If this story hasn't bored you, but made you think, hmm this girl sounds interesting and her work rocks, then let's talk more about YOUR story and how I can be there on your day. 

XOXO Kristin